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Let me quickly introduce myself a little bit.  My name is Thomas, I am a true Idaho native born and raised in Boise. I moved to Nampa around 1996 and have never left.  My wife Michelle and I have been married since 2000 and we have twin boys who are quickly approaching their teenage years! I spent 9 years in electronics manufacturing when I made the decision to build a career in law enforcement.

After 16-years in law enforcement I was looking for a change. One day I was looking at an ink stain on our carpet that one of our twin boys had blessed us with. I started investigating how to remove the stain from my favorite online encyclopedia, YouTube. I found several videos from others who were promoting their carpet cleaning businesses and it started to pique my interest.  Since I wanted to start a new career path, I thought to myself “I could probably do something like that". But how was I going to be different from the others?

After watching what seemed like countless videos, I noticed a trend in in a number of quality cleaning companies that were hired to fix a problem that was actually caused by using a lesser quality cleaner, such as leaving carpets "stiff and crunchy" or soaked.  I read repeatedly from customers of big national carpet cleaning chains that although the service was usually satisfactory, they encountered frustrations that they never dealt with the same service person twice. They would speak to one person for booking the appointment, another person for the quote and then a cleaning technician, which again, was another new face. This situation seems very impersonal and cold.

After myself being lured into a "great deal" for carpet cleaning so many rooms for such little cost I quickly realized what was going on once they arrived.  Unfortunately, many operators in the carpet cleaning industry rely on bait and switch tactics such as offering an incredible price for 3 rooms but then put on the hard-core pressure sales once they arrive which in turn increases your final pricing not truly giving you the great deal that you started with. I don't know about you, but that's not the way I want to be treated.  

In starting my own carpet & upholstery cleaning company I committed that I would be different.  The foundation of Blue Boar LLC Total Floor Care would be based on these core values, superior customer care & commitment, reliable quality services, premium values with upfront pricing, and integrity through strong moral principles. I have chosen to operate my business in a different way. For carpet cleaning I charge by the square foot and all services are included in the price. I include services that most others do not.  My process consists of assessing the work, pre-vacuuming, cleaning, extraction, stain protection, deodorizer if you wish, and grooming.  All of that in one price and you are only charged for the actual square footage being cleaned. 

With Blue Boar LLC Total Floor Care, I am the owner and operator. I do the estimates, bookings and cleanings. We are a family company so one of my boys or my wife may occasionally help me out, but primarily I am the one you will be working with.  Same face, same guy, every time.  The big guys rely on volume to make their money, where I take the time to do a quality job, personally get to know you and understand your needs. Plus, I know what you want from our previous conversations when I show up at the door.  I've read frustrations from other company's customers about dealing with multiple personnel & having to repeat themselves to 2 or 3 different people counting the time the technician showed up for the service. You can find comfort again in knowing you're dealing with one guy from the beginning to the end.

At the end of the day, I want to provide you with a quality service that you will be happy with. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and sometimes things just happen. My commitment to you is that you will be happy with the work and customer care I provide, or I will do everything I can to make it right for you. My goal is that after I do one cleaning for you, you will be hooked!  I endeavor to be your #1 company you will rely on for cleaning your carpets, rugs, upholstery and floors. 


Our mission is simple: To become your #1 trusted choice for floor care in the Treasure Valley community.



Superior Customer Care & 


We care about our customers and strive to develop relationships that are dependable, conscientious and caring.  With this commitment we truly hope to make a positive difference in our customer's lives.

Premium Values with Honest Upfront Pricing

We provide our customers with unprecedented premium values with our services and back it up with honest up front pricing.

Integrity and  Strong Moral Principles

We are committed to upholding impeccable moral and ethical standards in all of our relationships & actions.

Reliable Quality & Dependable 


We want our customers to know, that without a doubt, we use superior quality products  delivering reliable results, paired with the dependability and performance of services.

As a small way to honor all of our military, police officers, firefighters, nurses and teachers who tirelessly give to our community, Blue Boar LLC. Total Floor Care is providing you a 10% discount on services.  We appreciate you! 

Thank you

Thank You for Your Service


Blue Boar LLC Total Floor Care
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